Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Reunion 2010 Photos

Samantha and Selah
Angels among us...

Tea Party 2010

Back row left to right:

Eliza (Heather) Sophie (Aaron) Hannah (Erika) Emma (Heather) Grandma

Middle row:

Cosette (Kirsten) Sara (Erika) Savannah (Heather) Emily (Erika)

Front Row:
Samantha (Erika) Selah (Heather)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Family Reunion in Utah

We spent a couple of weeks with most of our children and grandchildren coming and going.

What a wonderful time we had with them! It was close quarters, since they all live outside Utah and we only had the condo to share.

For those of you out of the loop, we had a house fire that occurred June 1st where our garage burned and the rest of the house had significant smoke damage. Therefore, it was unavailable for guests or any activities.

We were scattered around Provo, Orem, Alpine and Salt Lake. Somehow we were able to find places around the area to have great activities together. They hiked Y Mountain (Erika did it twice), played at the Provo water park, visited the BYU Creamery, had a couple of BBQs, Girls' Tea Party, boys' outing, Thanksgiving Point, Missionary Training Center for food and blessing Lucy Claire Smith (Aaron & Erin's 4th of July baby) in the executive conference room of the MTC and other fun bonding experiences.

We're already planning the next one! The cousins really needed to have this in order to become reacquainted with families living far away from them. As an update on the geographic locations of each of them:

Aaron and Erin moved to Bellevue, Washington where Aaron is now working for Amazon

Allan and Jennifer moved to northeastern Pennsylvania also working for Amazon

Kirsten and Ryan moved to Temecula, California

Heather and Matt are still in Atlanta, but could possibly move next year.

Erika and Marshall are still in University Place, Washington, but will probably move next year after Marshall completes his residency program and the Army takes them away.

Stephen and Stephanie moved to Yelm, Washington where he joined a dental practice.

It was amazing to have so many in Utah considering the diverse places they live. I guess that shows they will move mountains to be with their family!

Kirsten was our family photographer at the reunion and took some beautiful ones. We haven't seen most of them, but hope to share them soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Smith Family in Perpetual Motion

Life in Happy Valley is changing a bit:

Aaron and Erin moved to a new house in Holladay just before Christmas. They were very happy living there and awaiting the birth of their new daughter. However, Aaron received an offer he couldn't refuse in Seattle working for Amazon, and he starts in just about 2 weeks!

He's already found a buyer for the Holladay house, and Erin and he are taking a house hunting trip next weekend! What a whirlwind transfer of locations!

Allan (an Amazonian first) and Jennifer are taking a house hunting trip to Pennsylvania for their planned move with Allan's exciting new opportunity at their brand spanking new super-fulfillment center. Allan and Aaron will overlap one week in the same building in Seattle.

Kirsten and Ryan are back in southern California and loving being there. They've been living in Upland, but are planning to move to Temecula (near San Diego) soon. Kirsten's already signed her boys up for Pop Warner football this summer in Temecula. I guess she means business!

Heather and Matt are still in Atlanta. Matt is now in Belgium with the SS on a business trip. It may not be too much longer before they're transferred, possibly out of the country.

Erika and Marshall are still in Washington while Marshall finishes his residency program in June 2011. They'll still be there long enough for us to visit one more time before moving on with the Army. We're hoping for Colorado, but I don't think the Army is considering us as having a vote.

Stephen and Stephanie are in Michigan, but will be moving to Washington in June. Stephen has accepted a position with Dr. Marlin Kay, and is over the moon about it. We are so pleased that we will be able to see them often, since it isn't that far away. We'll have three of our children living along the I-5 corridor!

Everyone (except for Allan and his family in Pennsylvania) will be home for our family reunion in July! What a treat! Aaron will be blessing their new daughter here in Utah that weekend.

Just when we think our children are settling down, they're all moving again! It reminds me of trying to keep the Primary staffed!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stephen and Stephanie were able to visit the end of September and stay through General Conference weekend. That's the first time we have seen them for nearly two years.

Stephanie sees to it that the boys have lots of cultural experiences wherever they live. They're seeing the high spots of Michigan, since moving from Philadelphia. They'll be moving again this year. We'll share the news when we find out.

This was taken when they were in Utah to share the splendor of the view from Y mountain.

Stephanie is in the Primary Presidency and Stephen is an assistant finance clerk in their ward. He spends more time in the ER than he does at home! It's a good thing Stephanie is organized and plans fun activities for those 3 active boys they have. They have a ton of energy, and so does she.

This one was on Y mountain, too.
Erika and Marshall have visited this year with the kids. We look forward to more of the same this year. They are all busy. Marshall with his residency program, Erika with the kids, Primary presidency calling and coaching Hannah's soccer team, with Tyler as her assistant coach.
Tyler's big news was that he turned 12 in November and was ordained to the office of a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood.

Erika's great at sending pictures of their activities, but I think my favorite one this year was of a field trip Emily took with her kidergarten class. She isn't afraid of anything!

Heather and Matt's family grew by one in 2009 Sumner is adoreable, and fits right in with the rest of the family. Four in school and 3 pre-schoolers at home. It's a busy time with all their activities, work and church. Emma and Eliza are taking piano lessons and enjoying swimming, soccer, basketball and track. Their parents are leading the way with their running and sports, also. No lazy bones in that house! Matt is serving as Elder's Quorum President and Heather interprets in her ward in American Sign Language as well as an activity day leader. Savannah and Brower have been enjoying some sports, as well. Ira and Selah get their exercise running their mother ragged! I hear that Sumner is an angel.

Kirsten and Ryan moved down to southern California last summer. Heather and Erika flew out to have a girls weekend together in Newport Beach. Nice!

We miss them, but they are enjoying the warm weather and beaches so close at hand. We hope to see them soon, but I think the snow will have to melt.

The boys both played football, and had a great time. Kirsten got a new camera and has been taking lots of pictures. I hope she's ready to photograph each family next summer for the reunion. She has the only good camera of us all. Besides, it will be good practice for the budding photographer.